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Friends or couple's analysis

Together with your partner you will get an analysis of your hands and hopefully a better understanding of yourself and your partner or friend, and why it sometimes can be hard to understand each other.


The most redeeming is often to understand yourself and each other better, which creates more joy in your everyday life.

Like with a single hand analysis I make prints of both your hands first and analyze what I see afterwards. You can ask anything.

2½-3 hours for 2 persons 2.000 dkk.

(including time for prints)

Hand analysis

We make a print of both your hands to begin with, which can take anything from 5 mins to half an hour because all hands are unique and different.


After that I will analyze what I see and we talk about you in dialogue as I don't want to lecture you but focus on coaching and you can ask about anything.


To me hand analysis is like taking a snapshot in time to see what's going on at the moment and a tool for conversation to help you gain clarity.

1-1½ hour 1.100 dkk. (incl. time for print)

Hand analysis incl. 35 mins healing 1.650 dkk.

Reiki healing

Come and allow yourself to relax, forget about the stress outside and let your body rest for a while. I will be the channel for the universal energy but your body knows what it needs the most.

You can come to my office to get healing or stay at home and get remote healing.

35 mins healing 650 dkk.

Remote healing 35 mins 495 dkk.

Clairvoyant coaching

Let me help you gain clarity on your soul's essence, your potential, qualities and competencies but also what is stopping you in reaching your goals.

I will contact the spiritual world to guide you in the best possible way and you can ask questions in the end. I will never tune in on death, severe disease, accidents or other people than you.

45 mins clairvoyant guiding 750 dkk.

Possibility for clairvoyance over the phone too.

Just one clairvoyant question: 250 dkk, send to

I am an active member of the industry organization Healer-Ringen
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